Charles Olson said that "Form is never more than an extension of content." Our intent is to invent forms which respond to & enhance their content, much the way well-chosen frames augment their paintings.


Mid-summer FRAME Sale

Our second issue is a 64 page, tape-bound book with a hand-painted cover. FRAME 2 features ten poets.
It can be yours for just $5: that includes shipping & handling! Limited edition run of 100.

Purchase using PAYPAL (see button below) or
send check/money order to
Press 4 Press, c/o Amie Keddy & Andrew Hughes
430 Wheelwright Rd., Barre, MA 01005.

A few limited edition first FRAMES
featuring Joseph Massey
still available @ $2 each. Each accordian-fold broadside is unique
& hand-collaged. Scroll down to see some samples.
Order by PAYPAL OR please send $2 plus $1 shipping & handling to us at the address above.



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